If you've been itching to organize information that is becoming difficult to manage, we have a solution for you. We can develop a customized mid-range, user-friendly database for you that will streamline your administrative functions and reduce your operating costs and headaches.

First, we'll sit down with you to determine how you function, what you'd like to see accomplished, and what your expectations are for the growth of your organization.

Then, using FileMaker Pro, we'll create a user-friendly, multi-functional, stable database that can be accessed, and used simultaneously by Macintosh and PC computers.

We'll also train your staff so that your database will become the work-horse of your organization.

We have created databases for:

  • a Fortune 500 company to track complex continent-wide sales activities and engineering performance;
  • non-profit organizations to track member activities and finances;
  • a marketing group to manage a substantial customer contact and mailing system;
  • a large medical practice to manage service provider licenses and credentials;
  • and, small businesses to track customer contacts, sales, invoices, correspondence and expenses.